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Rock & Roll Farming

May 30, 2017

Tonight I'm heading up to the Eden Valley in North East Cumbria to talk to @redshepherdess Hannah Jackson.

Hannah has no agricultural background at all, having been brought up on the Wirral, near Liverpool, and we talk about how seeing a lamb being born on a family camping trip to Coniston in Cumbria was her Eureka moment, changed everything, and led her into persuing a career in farming.

We talk about how she went about finding experience at the job, and how she moved up to Cumbria for a week's work experience on a hill farm with renowned sheepdog trainer Derek Scrimgeour, and ended up staying for 9 months. We also find out about some first class Cumbrian romance!

We hear about Hannah's Parents' management training business, and how she helps with that by using her Collies and Sheep to demonstrate leadership skills with the likes of CEO's and what they learn from that experience.

We talk about how it is to be a new entrant in farming, and the help and support she's received along the way, as well as being a young woman in the industry. We also find out what she's learned from working on several different sheep farms around the country, including with 'The Shepherd's Life' author @herdyshepherd

Hannah also makes me feel absolutely bloody ancient by naming an actress I've never heard of to play her in 'Red Shepherdess - The Movie' ;-)

All this and loads more. Hannah's one of the most determined, gutsy and impressive young women you could ever hope to meet, and it was an absolute pleasure to talk to her tonight.

Check it out folks..