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Rock & Roll Farming

May 30, 2018

Tonight I'm delighted to be heading up to Driffield in East Yorkshire to talk to Sisters and award winning pig farmers, Kate Moore and Vicky Scott @KateMorgan24 @vickypig27 

The girls tell us about their family business, which their parents, David & Sue, started in 1996 with 800 breeding sows, selling the progeny as...

May 29, 2018

Tonight I'm talking to Farmer's Guardian's very own Steph Ryder, all about the 2018 Mart's the Heart Awards, and how livestock markets are central to the UK livestock industry.. 



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May 23, 2018

Tonight I'm heading for the very first time to the Great White North, to Canada! Or to Endiang, in Southern Alberta to be exact, to talk to cattle and crop farmer, Stuart Somerville @Stuthefarmer

We talk about the prairies where he lives, and the kind of farming people are doing in that area, and some of the...

May 16, 2018

Tonight I'm heading down to Middlezoy in Somerset to talk to conservationist, wildlife photographer, naturalist, and writer, Simon Phelps. 

Who said a farmer and an environmentalist couldn't have a polite conversation?!

We discuss his background, and how the natural environment has always held a fascination to him,...

May 9, 2018

Tonight I am actually travelling! And heading the grand total of 9 1/2 miles across the English border, to Hordley in North Shropshire, to talk to Quinoa grower Stephen Jones @BritishQuinoa

We start off discussing Stephen's farm, that his family have been on for 80 years, and how he ended up studying crop production and...