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Rock & Roll Farming

May 27, 2020

Listen as I talk to Jeremy Gibbs about his company Forces Farming, that aims to help ex-service men and women find employment in the agricultural industry. 

We also talk about his time working for John Deere in Germany, and have a discussion about mental health. 


May 13, 2020

DESCRIPTION: Will records an interview with Evita Van Gestel from NFU Mutual Risk Management Services, to understand what the health and safety challenges are for farmers as a result of Coronavirus and find out about NFU Mutual’s new, free health and safety service


May 13, 2020

Tonight I was delighted to be joined by the environmental campaigner, George Monbiot. 

We talked about a wide range of subjects, ranging from his early love for nature, some of the programmes he made in his early career exposing injustices around the World, reading about his own death, and his views on land reform and...

May 6, 2020

Listen as Nick Grayson talks about taking over the family farm at the age of 23 after his Father was diagnosed with stomach cancer and given just 6 weeks to live.

We discuss succession, the importance of being prepared, and how he's created a successful business direct selling his produce to the public