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Rock & Roll Farming

Dec 20, 2017

Tonight for the Rock & Roll Farming Christmas special, I'm delighted to be heading up to Ayrshire in Scotland to talk to the one and only Fiona Graham. 

We discuss the importance of social media and how it can help farmers overcome isolation, before moving on to talk about the horrendous weather that Fiona and the family have had in Ayrshire in 2017, and the problems that's caused them. 

We talk about Fiona's early life growing up near Lochaber in the Scottish Highlands, and her happy memories of that time, before hearing about her time at the University of Aberdeen, and her year working for Ocean Spray Cranberries in the USA. 

We discuss her time teaching, before moving on to talk about the farm and 3 generations of family, and the various roles they all have there. We then talk about the importance of food, and how the kitchen is the very heart of the Graham household. I also ask when the #FeedAFarmer cookbook will be coming out!

We then talk in depth about Christmas, family traditions, and how it all works during the festive season on a UK livestock farm. All this and loads more.

Fiona's one of the loveliest people you could ever meet, and a fantastic representative for Scottish & UK agriculture, and it was an absolute pleasure to talk to her tonight.

Check it out folks..