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Rock & Roll Farming

May 2, 2017

Pete Vickerton is one of the nicest farmers you could encounter on social media.

Tonight I talk to him about being a 'veteran' Cricketer for his local side, and how that helps to get him off the farm. We then go on to talk about his family's business, and what it's like to be living and working directly above millions of tons of gas.

We hear about his family's fencing and log business, and how that diversification works alongside their sheep and crops enterprise, as well as learning to provide customer service with a smile!

We talk about the importance of being pragmatic and being open to change, and how being bigger isn't always better. We also hear about Pete's change of direction after studying Economic & Social History at University.

We then discuss farming social media at length, and how that's led to real life friendships, and how we should be engaging with non-farmers on twitter. Check that you've never received a tweet from him with just a link on it though..

All this, and much more. Check it out folks..