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Rock & Roll Farming

Sep 13, 2017

Tonight I'm heading all the way down to Exmoor to talk to upland sheep and beef producer James Taylor @NewlandFarm

We start off by talking about his background growing up in a pub with a small farm in the New Forest in Hampshire, and the family's move to the extensive upland farm where they are now, before moving on to discuss James's university career at places as varied as Nottingham, Germany, Aberdeen, and The Netherlands. 

We talk about the various jobs that he did after finishing his studies, and the incredible year that he spent working on cattle ranches in Venezuela. I also geek out about the part time job that he does now working in his neighbour and World-renowned explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes office.

We then come on to Bovine TB and his family's recent experience with it in their cattle. We talk in length about the effect it has on the people involved, and our frustrations with the whole situation as cattle farmers. We also discuss why we need to be talking about it more as an industry. 

All this and plenty more. James is one of the nicest and most genuine fellas you could ever meet, and I really appreciated him talking to me tonight about an extremely difficult subject. 

Check it out folks..