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Rock & Roll Farming

Jun 19, 2017

Colin Javens is quite simply the most inspirational man I've ever met.

Listen as he describes his early life growing up on his family's Tea Farm in West Kenya, and the tragic loss of his Father in an armed attack. At the age of 6, Colin, his brother and his Mother then moved to Herefordshire despite barely having set foot in the UK before.

We hear about his gap year trip around Australia, then his first year at Harper Adams University, where he encountered a handsome and charismatic future blogger and podcast host.

Colin then talks about the accident that in a split second changed his life forever. He talks about the 364 days he spent in hospital, and the dark times he went through, before tells us what it was like to learn to do the most basic tasks from scratch again. We then learn about Colin's absolute determination to get out and get living again.

We hear how Colin returned to Uni, completed his course, and learned to drive in a van that was a cross between The A Team and Knight Rider, and how that led to the initial idea to take on his childhood dream - driving overland from the UK to Cape Town. We hear about this remarkable journey and the difficulties he went through along the way, and how he ultimately overcame them to succeed.

Colin then goes on to talk about how he and his carer Chrissie, fell in love, and how they set off, just the two of them, on perhaps an even more incredible journey from the UK, across to Singapore, and then over to Australia and down to Adelaide, that ended with a marriage proposal with fish & chips overlooking the sea.

We then discuss where Colin's at now, and his exciting plans for the next few years.

What a story, what a man, what a couple. It was an absolute privilege to interview Colin for Rock & Roll Farming, and I'm proud to call him a friend.

Check it out folks..