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Rock & Roll Farming

Aug 8, 2018

Tonight I'm heading down to Dorking in Surrey in the sunny south east of England to talk to farmer, Paula Matthews @ManorFarmWotton

We talk about the 3000 acres of mainly tenanted land that she and her husband Laurence farm, and how they cope with 9 different landlords, as well as some of the challenges of being a tenant farmer in the UK. We also hear about how the farm has changed over the years, and how they've diversified as a business.

We discuss the range of different crops they grow, and the challenging harvest season we've had in 2018, before moving on to talk about their cattle, with 400 calves bought in from dairy farms, and their own herd of Belted Galloway's which they sell in a meat-box scheme 

We talk about some of the range of environmental work they've undertaken on the farm, and also hear about the school visits that they regularly host.

We then discuss the Anaerobic Digestion System that they applied to build on the farm in 2012, and the lengthy and complicated planning process that they went through, which ultimately was turned down by the planning committee. 

Lastly, we talk about the tragic death of her Son's girlfriend, Ella, in a car crash 19 months ago, and how it turned all of their lives upside down.

All this and much, much more.

Paula and her family provide a fantastic example of a diverse, modern and dynamic farming business, and it was a genuine pleasure to talk to her tonight.

Check it out folks.. 



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