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Rock & Roll Farming

Jan 25, 2018

Tonight I'm heading up to Edinburgh to talk to freelance writer and author of the book 'The Ethical Carnivore' Louise Gray @loubgray

We discuss Louise's early life growing up on her Father's farm in Essex, her days studying Social Anthropology at Manchester University (which included a thesis on the Essex Girl!), and how she worked her way up in journalism before becoming the Environmental Correspondent at the Daily Telegraph for a number of years. 

We then go on to talk about her book that came out in 2017 called The Ethical Carnivore, and the premise behind it, with 15 chapters describing an animal that she killed and ate herself, and how she's trying to get people to reconnect with where the food they eat comes from.

We talk about the book in detail, including the experiences and people she encountered along the way, from farmers and fishermen, to slaughterhouse workers and gamekeepers, and discuss our own feelings towards various aspects of the meat industry. We also go into the future of meat production and consumption, and how it may change over the coming years.

The book's hugely enjoyable and thought provoking, written in a non-preachy way, and very much presents the facts as Louise sees them, leaving decisions up to the reader, and I'd urge anyone with an interest in food production to read it.

Do check out her blog and website too



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