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Rock & Roll Farming

Nov 8, 2017

Tonight I'm heading down to Warwickshire in the heart of England to talk to James Chapman @chairmanjimbob 

We hear about James' early life as the oldest of 4 brothers growing up on the family dairy farm, before he started working for a contractor after leaving school. 

We talk about his decision to set up in business for himself at the age of 22, and the devastating accident that then changed his life in 2005. We hear in detail what happened that day, and talk about the immediate aftermath, and the dark months that followed.

Jim tells us how his friends and local young farmer's club rallied round him and helped him regain normality afterwards, and how he eventually became National Chairman of YFC.

We then discuss his involvement in various farm safety campaigns and initiatives, his Nuffield Scholarship and what he learned whilst studying for that, and also what we can all do to improve safety and prevent accidents on our farms.

All this and much more. Jim's a truly inspirational guy, and how he's tried to help others avoid accidents like his is remarkable. It was a pleasure to talk to him tonight. 

Check it out folks..