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Rock & Roll Farming

Nov 14, 2018

Tonight I'm heading all the way down to Waikato in New Zealand to talk to recent graduate and farmer, Emily Davis.

We talk about what she's doing in New Zealand, and how it's a long way from her native Lincolnshire where she grew up surrounded by large arable farms and wanting to be a farmer. 

We discuss the brilliant 'careers advice' she received at school, where she was discouraged from pursuing a career in agriculture, and her decision to ring a local farmer to ask for work experience, which led to two years of various roles on farms around the country.

We talk about her participation in the Farmer's Weekly Farm Apprentice Bootcamp in 2016, and what she got from that, before going on to talk at length about the Youth Ag summit, that she attended in Brussels last year, and what an incredible experience the was. We go into the various things that were discussed there with delegates from all around the World, and what the three main things she took away from it were.

(For further information on next year's Youth Ag Summit, in Brazil, check out )

All this and much, much more. 

Emily's a real inspiration to anyone looking to get into agriculture as a career, and it was a real pleasure to talk to her tonight. 

Check it out folks.. 



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