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Rock & Roll Farming

Aug 15, 2018

Tonight I'm heading down to Llandrinio in Powys in Mid-Wales to talk to Ruminant Nutritionist, Hefin Richards.

We hear about the village he was born - Llanddewi brefi - and how it's famous for St.David, LSD, & Little Britain! And also go into his early life growing up in a West Wales farming community, which includes stories of sheep-dipping in school with typical early 1980s health and safety standards - tucking ties into shirts.

We discuss how he made the big decision to study agriculture at Harper Adams University, and the fantastic experience he had there, gaining lifelong friends from all over the country, and eventually gaining a degree, much to the pride of his Parents.

We talk about his first job with the large scale feed company BOCM Pauls, and how he became frustrated there, and after greatly impressing the Managing director, got a job at Keenan, and in his own words 'gained 10 years in experience in 4 years.'

We then move on to talking about how at the age of 28 he decided to form hs own business offering consultancy services to dairy and beef farmers, and Profeed was born, before eventually becoming Rumination after a run-in with a French multinational feed firm!

We talk in depth about what he does as a nutritionist, the kind of farmers he works with, the services he offers, and perhaps most importantly, the fact that his clients have become friends, and also discuss some of the conferences he's spoken at, including one in Barcelona where he confused the translators by speaking in Welsh! 

All this and much, much more.

Hefin's a great guy, with a brilliant perspective on what's important in life, and it was a genuine pleasure to speak to him tonight. 

Check it out folks.. 


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