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Rock & Roll Farming

Jan 17, 2018

Tonight I'm heading up to Bradfield in South Yorkshire to talk to the man, the legend, Jim Beary @FarmerBeary

Firstly we talk about the farm in the Peak District National Park that he recently moved to with his new wife, after farming previously in Staffordshire. 

We hear about his early life growing up as the son of a Pig Farm Manager near Preston in Lancashire, and how farming was always in his blood. We talk about his decision to study Agriculture at Harper Adams University, and the thought process that led him to arriving for a poultry production exam dressed in a giant chicken suit, and his subsequent A grade and gift of a case of beer from a lecturer (?!).

We hear about his year spent in New Zealand, and the impressive farming systems that he saw there, before his return to England in 2005, and the experience that saw him make the decision to get farming in his own right by establishing a 60-pig outdoor breeding sow unit. 

We talk about how hard work and persistence led to a growth of the business through sales to the likes of high end restaurants, before the recession of 2008 hit and it all went wrong. We then move on to discuss how an offer of a job from a friend led to the establishment and growth of an extremely successful gritting enterprise, that through hard work and determination over several years led to him taking on the tenancy of Glen farm in Staffordshire. 

We talk about the sheep and system that he used there, and how he grew the farm, before talking about his winning of 'New Entrant of the Year' at the British Farming Awards in 2005. We then move on to discuss new entrants into British Agriculture in general, and how difficult it is to get a toehold in the industry.

Jim's story of hard work, resilience, and ultimately success, is a genuine inspiration for anyone looking to get into farming in this country, and it was a genuine pleasure to hear more about his story so far. Check it out folks.. 



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