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Rock & Roll Farming

Oct 25, 2017

Tonight I'm heading down to Northamptonshire in the heart of England to talk to the co-founder & owner of Warner Edwards Gin, Tom Warner.

We hear about Tom's family beef and sheep farm and his early life there, and his decision to study for a BSc in Agri-Food at Harper Adams University. 

We discuss his subsequent career in the produce industry buying from farmers all over the World, and selling to Supermarkets, and the experiences he had during those 10 years, before an idea to start a business for himself began to take shape.

We talk about how he and best friend Sion Edwards then came up eventually with the idea to produce everyone's favourite drink - Gin! Tom tells us in detail about how it initially started, and the unbelievable hard work they all put into it to get it off the ground, to the runaway success it is just 5 years down the line.

We hear all about what makes Warner Edwards so distinct from other craft gins on the market, from the natural spring water and amazing geographical features on the farm, to the special still 'Curiosity' that they imported from Germany, to the unique flavours they use in the gin itself.

We talk about how they get the local community involved in various ways, including swapping sloes from the Northants hedgerows that people can collect themselves for finished bottles of W.E sloe gin, and also hear an amazing story involving Queen Victoria's rhubarb, and a phone call to Clarence House!

All this and loads more. Warner Edwards story is a tale of bright ideas, relentless enthusiasm, big personalities, and bloody hard work, and it's an absolute pleasure to share it with you here.

Check it out folks..