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Rock & Roll Farming

Jul 8, 2017

Tonight I'm heading over to Nantwich to talk to Dairy Farmer and Cheshire National Farmers Union Chairman, Phil Latham  ( @PhilLatham )

Phil tells us about his background growing up as a wannabe eco-warrior with a huge passion for the natural world (disappointingly no dreadlocks though), and his decision to study zoology at University, before deciding to go back to the family farm.

We discuss how the farm has grown and changed since he became involved for various reasons, and Phil tells us about his fertility management consultancy work, and why this is so important to his business and the dairy industry.

We talk at length about his frustration with the ridiculous bovine TB situation in the UK, both with the farming industry, and the government. Phil tells us about his own experience losing 74 cows as reactors, despite being a completely closed herd, and what he thinks we should be doing about it as an industry and society.

Phil tells us about his award winning diversification, the multiple award winning equestrian centre - Kelsall Hill ( ), and how that incredibly grew from a rabbit proof fence around bordering woodland (?!)

And lastly, we talk about the farm safety campaign that Phil's involved in - #LensLeg - how that came about, what it actually is, and what we can all do as an industry to improve the lamentable accident and death statistics that are a sad fact within UK & Irish agriculture.

Phil's a fantastic example of a farmer, entrepreneur and businessman, who's incredibly passionate about the Dairy industry and taking it forward, and it was a real pleasure to talk to him tonight.

Check it out folks..