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Rock & Roll Farming

May 16, 2017

Tonight, I'm taking the high road up to Jedburgh in the Scottish Borders to talk to Dairy & Beef farmer Alan Gamble alias @Farnell_Simmys

We talk about the area of Scotland that he lives, and I totally geek out about the amazing historical features on his farm. We also discuss the crops that they grow there, and the impact of flooding. 

We find out about Alan's background, and the journey he took from being a builder's son in Northern Ireland all the way through to farming in his own right in Scotland, and the opportunities that they've seized along the way as a family to make this possible in such a short time. 

We talk about their decision to start milking dairy cows with robots in 2013 at length, and learn about the system and how it all works. We also discuss the future for robotic milkers in the UK. 

We also hear about Alan & Kate's decision to become sandal-wearing hippies by converting to organic status ;-), and what this means for the farm and the future. 

All this and much more. Alan's a great guy, he and his family are a real credit to the agricultural industry in the UK, and it was a pleasure to talk to him. 

Check it out folks..