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Rock & Roll Farming

Apr 23, 2017

Andrew Ward (@wheat_daddy) is up there with the very best and brightest of British arable Farmers.

Farming 1800 acres in the heart of Lincolnshire, and working with Simba Great Plains, Housham Sprayers, Agrii, McDonalds, GrowHow, HGCA, Bayer, BASF, Syngenta, Monsanto, and many more, he's passionate about knowledge sharing and innovation within the industry.

He also hosted the industry showcase Cereals Event in '04 & '08, which then led to an interesting stint managing a team parking cars at the Polish equivalent! We talk about the current Glyphosate debate, and what a ban would mean to him and his operation, as well as to the UK agricultural industry as a whole, and what we can do as farmers to help.

I'm also delighted to talk to him about the charity he founded to help fellow farmers in times of adversity - Forage Aid; how it came about, and some of the experiences and people he's encountered through this incredible organisation.

As an incredibly average farmer myself, I also ask him about the many industry awards he's won, as well as being awarded an MBE by Prince Charles, and what they mean to him and his family. We also hear just what happened after the Farmer's Weekly Awards Ceremony in London in 2013!

It was an absolute privilege to talk to such a fantastic and forward-thinking representative of our great industry.