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Rock & Roll Farming

Sep 14, 2018

Tonight I'm heading over the Irish Sea to Wicklow the East of Ireland to talk to Livestock vet & Nuffield Scholar, Tommy Heffernan @tommythevet

We start off comparing 'having 4 young children notes', though he's a braver man than me with a 5th on the way!. We also discuss his early life as the son of teachers in County Kerry, and how seeing a Cow calving on his Great Uncles Farm at aged 5 ultimately made him want to work with animals in the future.

We talk about this time at University College Dublin, and the great times he had there, before going on his early days as a newly qualified vet, and settling in to a new job in a new part of the country.

We then go into how, after buying into the business, he eventually started to feel the pressure and become disengaged with his job. It was at this pint he realised he had to take back control of his life, and so started an incredible journey.

We discuss the various ways that he started to put himself out of his comfort zone, and how he got back to doing the job he loved, started learning again, and also started working at being a good husband and Father.

We then talk about his social media work and how that all began, before going on to talk at length about the Nuffield Scholarship that he's currently undertaking, and some of the adventures he's had so far.

Lastly, we talk about the new job that he's starting soon as an animal health specialist with the Farmer's Journal. 

All this and much, much more.

Tommy's a great guy and a kindred spirit to me, and I absolutely loved talking to him tonight.

Check it out folks.. 


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