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Rock & Roll Farming

Sep 6, 2021

This is the end, beautiful friends. 

Thank you all so much for listening x 

Sep 1, 2021

Flavian Obiero talks about his family's move from Kenya to the UK when he was 15, settling in to life in a new country, how he got into farming, being a black man in an industry not exactly known for it's diversity, and what we can all do to help in that regard. 

All this, and lots more.. 


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Aug 18, 2021

A farmer who lives in London? What?! Tom Clarke's no ordinary thinker. Listen as we talk about about how he went from being a successful management consultant to taking over the family farm in Cambridgeshire after losing his father, with zero farming experience. All this, and lots more. 


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Aug 11, 2021

Over 182 podcast interviews, and this is the first to make me cry. Liz Hoggarth is a wonderful person, who's dealt with a hell of a lot. Listen as we talk about just how devastating mental health issues can really be to entire families and communities. 


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Aug 4, 2021

Llyr Jones talks about taking over the family farm at 19, the huge range of different enterprises he has on the farm, including sheep and cattle, renewable energy production, free range laying hens, and rape seed oil production, his many wider industry roles, and how he came to be driving across the Sahara Desert in a...