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Rock & Roll Farming

Oct 24, 2018

Tonight I'm delighted to be heading down to London to talk to the CEO of Kentish Town City Farm, Gus Alston @GusAlston @KTCityFarm

We talk about his early life growing up very close to the farm, and how getting involved with Forest School Camps as a child eventually led him becoming a volunteer with the organisation at the age of 18, before going on to hear about how he got first got into the charity sector almost by accident, when helping to build an adventure playground he ended up as a deputy coordinator in charge of 120 children!

We discuss the various different jobs he's done, including a spell at the Pirate Castle, a community boating charity, where he achieved his highest ever fundraising success, (an incredible £234k!) before going on to talk about his eventually working with Kentish town city farm as a consultant, and then gaining the job of CEO in December 2016.

We tall about the farm in detail, from the different animals they have there, to the regular events they hold, and the incredible role it plays in the community. We discuss the different ways they have to make money to keep going, with funding cuts making things increasingly difficult for small charities, as well as the different ways the farm helps all ages of people, either educationally or therapeutically.

All this and lots more.

I' always humbled when I speak to individuals who dedicate their lives to helping others, and bringing people together, and Gus is definitely one of them. It was fantastic to learn more about what they do at Kentish Town City Farm.

Check it out folks.. 



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