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Rock & Roll Farming

Nov 1, 2017

Tonight I'm ridiculously excited to be heading overseas to Munich in Germany to talk to Alyssa Jade McDonald-Bärtl @lyssland to talk about Cacao farming & chocolate!

We hear all about Lyss's family's incredible history in Papua New Guinea, and her upbringing in Australia. 

We then talk about her return to her family roots after a decade in corporate strategy, and the idea for BLYSS chocolate came about after she competed in the World Ironman Championships in Hawaii.

We talk in depth about growing organic Cacao in Ecuador and the Philippines, and the 2000 families she works with there, as well as some of the incredible challenges and difficulties they face.

We hear about the Cacao Academy that Lyss created to train farmers and chefs, industry bodies, and regulators from across the industry which has been delivered from Europe to Asia-Pacific to South America.

We then discuss Social Entrepeneurship and what that means with her work with which is an organisation delivering services to companies and individuals struggling to find a balance between change and capitalism.

All this and much more. Lyss is an incredibly positive and energetic person, and is one of my favourite people to follow on social media; it was an absolute pleasure to talk to her tonight.

*Search Lyss from BLYSS to watch her incredible YouTube videos

Check it out folks..