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Rock & Roll Farming

Jul 25, 2018

Tonight I'm heading down to the Garden of England, to Kent, to talk to farmer, Katie Anderson @FemaleFarmerUK

We discuss Katie's early life growing up in an Essex commuter town, with no links at all to farming, and how training as a teacher led to a passion for outdoor education. 

We then hear about how a trip to Wales a smallholder course led to her forming the idea for Muddy Boots Farm, an educational farm for primary school aged children. 

We talk about the practicalities of how she made it all happen, and how she started the business in her early 20s, which led to open days, and weekend and after school clubs being fully booked with children on the farm. 

We discuss the children themselves, and how they reacted to helping with the animals, and the kind of questions she was asked, before moving on to talk about the importance of children knowing where there food comes from, and why she's so passionate about this, and also some of the media attention that she received at the time.

We also hear about the unexpected move from Muddy Boots Farm, to Kent where she's now an Assistant Farm Manager on a rare breed beef farm, and how she shares her farming story through her blog  

All this and much, much more. 

Katie's story is one of determination and passion, and it was fantastic to talk to her tonight and hear more about her journey into the agricultural industry. Check it out folks.. 



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