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Rock & Roll Farming

Apr 11, 2018

Tonight I'm delighted to be travelling down to Silchester in Hampshire to talk to Crop Scientist and Director of the AgriFood Training Partnership, Professor Carol Wagstaff @cwagstaff

We talk about how studying biology at Royal Holloway, University of London, and spending time at Kew Gardens led to a fascination with plants and crops, and eventually to a career as a crop scientist at the University of Reading. 

We discuss the research group that she leads, that focusses on improving the quality of food, including the nutritional value, appearance, flavour and shelf life, as well as helping consumers make healthy dietary choices.

We go into some of the best things about the job she does, which include working with a range of people from primary food producers, right through to large scale organisations and government, and also talk about GM crops and some of the misconceptions there are out there.

We then discuss the AFTP @AFTPnews (AgriFood Training Partnership), and how they're providing high level training and skills development for professionals in the agriculture, food and beverage industries, through a wide range of courses in various formats - online, face to face workshops, and blended learning. We also talk about the AFTP Conference that takes place on 3rd July, and what people can expect there. 

Lastly we talk about Carol's other life as a high-level dressage rider, and how she manages to find the time to do that, as well as train for a marathon! 

All this and much more. It was an absolute pleasure to talk to Carol tonight, and learn more about her life and career as a crop scientist. 

Check it out folks.. 



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