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Rock & Roll Farming

Jun 26, 2017

Tonight I'm heading down to beautiful Monmouthshire in South Wales to talk to the lovely Kate Beavan. 

Kate tells me about her background in Lancashire, and her early love for animals which led to her becoming a veterinary nurse, and in-turn led to her moving to Abergavenny. 

She then tells us how she met her husband Jim through YFC, which involved a piano and a quad bike (?!). 

We hear about her job as assistant farm manager at Greenmeadow Community Farm, and how presenting to visitors there stood her in good stead for the future, as well as how she came to be teach animal management at Usk College.

We talk in length about the call she received asking her and the family to be involved in 'Lambing Live', and what it was like having a TV crew of up to 70 people at a time on the farm, and what it was like to be recognised on the streets of Cardiff after it was watched by 3 million viewers a night. We discuss her other TV work on The One Show, and Crufts, as well as some of the people she's worked with and the things it's entailed.

We then discuss her highly successful business 'Kate's Country School' and the courses and skills you can learn there, from CIDER MAKING to sheep shearing, as well as the exciting future plans for the coming months. 

I also get shivers down my spine as Kate talks about being bitten by a Python! 

All this and loads more. 

Kate's a lovely person, and a fantastic ambassador for the agricultural industry, and it was fantastic to talk to her tonight. 

Check it out folks..