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Rock & Roll Farming

May 9, 2017

Tonight, I'm venturing across the Irish Sea to County Kilkenny to talk to the wonderful Suzanna Crampton, alias @zwartblesIE

We talk about her family farm and what it means to her, and about the Zwartbles Sheep that she breeds and rears there. We find out how she came to be involved with the breed, and how she works with a local woollen mill to get their fleeces turned into both yarn and the amazing blankets that she designs herself and sells all around the World. We also find out how the PRESIDENT OF IRELAND fits into this story.

We find out how an initial venture into social media turned into almost 120 MILLION vine loops, and MILLIONS of twitter interactions per month, and how she's used social media in tandem with the rest of her business. We also talk about what it means to her when her videos and photos of the farm and sheep touch people's lives, and hear some of the extremely moving individual stories behind them.

We also hear about Bodacious the Cat Shepherd @1catshepherd and his fans from all around the World, and how some of Suzanna's tweets have gone crazy viral.

We talk about all the amazing and varied jobs that she's done in all 4 corners of the Earth, and hear a particularly great story about life riding endurance horses in the Blue Ridge Mountains in the US and learning to roll cigarettes one handed in the saddle!

Suzanna also tells us a great story about flying back and to across the Atlantic between Ireland and the US as a child, and an encounter on the plane with Nuns, holy water and a colouring book at Shannon Airport.

All this and much more.

There are very few people in life that you encounter that are truly special, but Suzanna is one of them. It was my absolute pleasure to interview her for this episode. Check it out folks..