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Rock & Roll Farming

Jun 6, 2017

Tonight I'm heading up to Farndale on the Yorkshire Moors to talk to free range pig and sheep farmer Peter Mawson @highfarndale

Peter is PASSIONATE about producing high quality food, and it shines through throughout this interview. We talk about his Saddleback Pigs and White Faced Woodland Sheep, their characteristics, and the reasons why he chose to farm these breeds.

Peter also tells me about his background in the RAF, what it was like being based in the Falkland Islands, and the mind-numbingly dull flights back and to from there. We also talk about his time managing a particularly flamboyant call centre in Marble Arch, in the West Wend of London.

We talk about his and Nicola's decision to give this farming thing a go in 2009, and how they decided on the farm they're living at now - High Farndale, as well as why he chose farming itself, and why it's important to find something meaningful in what you do.

We discuss what it's like direct selling bacon, gammon, sausages, gammon and hogget to the public, and their reasons for doing so, as well as some of the important relationships they've made with customers. (And by the way, I cannot recommend you checking out highly enough - their meat is sensational.)

Peter also tells me his possible plans for the future, which include farmers markets, pate, high-quality chicken, Cattle, and Ice Cream. All this and plenty more.

Peter's passion and dedication to producing high quality food is genuinely admirable, as his open mindedness to trying new enterprises, and it was an absolute pleasure talking to him tonight.

Check it out folks..