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Rock & Roll Farming

Jan 10, 2018

Tonight I'm heading down to Warwickshire in the heart of England to talk to farmer and current Chairman of AHDB Beef & Lamb, Adam Quinney @ACQuinney

We talk about the beef and sheep farm that he runs alongside his wife Sarah, running 100 easy-calving Saler x Charolais Cattle and 200 Lleyn Ewes, and how they collaborate with an arable farming neighbour to their mutual benefit.

We hear about his decision to start campaigning for agriculture 'because he was pissed off', and how that led to his initial involvement with the National Farmer's Union almost by accident. We then talk about how he arranged a demonstration on the local village green with all the firms he did business with, to demonstrate how supporting British Agriculture supports other businesses in the rural economy.

We discuss his two years as NFU Vice President, and his involvement there. Before going on to talk about Bovine TB, and how that affected his own business as well as what we can do as farmers and an industry.

We then go on to talk on about AHDB - Agriculture and Horticultural Development board - and his role as Chairman of the Beef and Lamb section. Adam explains what he does there, how the system works, and where the levy that members pay currently goes. We discuss sharing knowledge and expertise, and increasing efficiency at AHDB, and also who they're focussed on consumer wise.

We hear about how the organisation are looking at who's eating beef and lamb in the UK, and who isn't, and what they're doing about that, before moving on to talk about their latest high profile report that discusses drops in productivity in UK agriculture. 

All this and much more. Adam's an incredibly passionate advocate for British agriculture, and it was a pleasure to talk to someone who's dedicated his career to furthering our industry. 

Check it out folks.. 



This episode is kindly sponsored by NFU Cymru. Please visit their website or for more details.