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Rock & Roll Farming

Nov 22, 2017

Tonight I'm heading up to Preston in the North West of England to talk to Agri-Business & Social Media Consultant, Simon Haley.

We hear about Simon's background growing up in rural Lancashire, and how his early passion for horses led to a love for everything outdoors. 

We discuss his year working on a range of farms and stations in Australia, and the experience he gained there, before returning to the UK and opening up the yellow pages to find a local farm to work on!

We talk about his decision to study Agriculture at Harper Adams, and what he learned being 'the only townie on the course', before eventually heading down the Agri-Business Consultancy Route, and starting his own business - SRH Agribusiness Ltd - in 2012.

We then move on to talk about Simon's work in Social Media, including the runaway success that is @FarmersOfTheUK. We hear how the idea came about, and I ask him who his favourite 3 hosts have been so far. 

We also discuss the social media consultancy and training business that he set up in 2016, and how that works, as well as hearing about what the future of social media holds. 

All this and much more. Simon's a lovely guy, an incredibly hard worker, and a genuine inspiration with everything that he's achieved already in his short career, and it was fantastic to talk to him tonight. 

Check it out folks..