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Rock & Roll Farming

Sep 6, 2017

Tonight I'm taking the short journey over the border to Newport in Sunny Shropshire, to talk to the one and only Jim Franklin @MilkMaker73

We hear about his early life in Waikato in New Zealand, where his parents were share-milking at the time, before their return to farming in Shropshire in the mid 70s. 

Jim then goes on to tell us about the tragic loss of his Mother when he was a teenager, and how they dealt with it as a family, whilst keeping the farm going. 

We hear about his life growing up on the farm, and also talk about how he got into cross country running in school, which led to him completing a series of mountain marathons. 

We talk about how he and his Wife Jules met, and started a family, and how they joined the family farming business. We then ultimately hear about the loss of the farm, and the devastation it caused. 

We also discuss social media, how effective it can be, and the friends he's made on there, as well as what he's doing now and what the future holds.

Jim's one of the nicest fellas you could ever hope to meet, and after following him for so long on twitter it was fantastic to speak to him tonight..