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Rock & Roll Farming

Jul 26, 2017

Tonight I'm heading down to Ross on Wye in Herefordshire to talk to the one and only Ally Hunter Blair.

Ally tells us all about his arable farm and the range of crops that they grow down there including wheat, barley, peas, OSR & Sugarbeet, and his and his new Wife's plans to grow her horse based business in the area.

We hear about how he took on the tenancy of the farm at the unusually young age of 25, and how lucky he feels to have had this opportunity. We talk about his love for farming, and how this was always what he was going to do from a very young age.

We discuss his passion for technology in detail, and how it's improving his farming technique and efficiency. We also hear about his work with drones, and how he believes they'll impact agriculture in the coming years.

We of course talk about THOSE VIRAL VIDEOS, the tractor madness that prompted them, and how ultimately they were all about making people laugh, and boy did that work.

We also hear about his appearance on the TV show 'First Time Farmers', what he got from that, and about some of the online abuse that followed and how he dealt with that.

Ally also tells me about his involvement with Open Farm Sunday, and what an incredible initiative it is. All this and lots more.

Ally's an incredibly passionate and enthusiastic advocate for agriculture, and a lovely fella, and I loved talking to him tonight. Check it out folks..