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Rock & Roll Farming

Jul 22, 2019

How has Jimmy Doherty gone from living in a caravan on a derelict farm to running a highly successful diversified business? Will gets his perspective on how the industry has changed and also the thoughts of two young farmers, Claire and Ben. Part 1 is out and about on the farm.


Jul 17, 2019

Tonight I headed east to Cambridgeshire to talk to arable farmer, David Walston.

We talked about his early days at Eton College with some very famous classmates, the London photography business that he set up after university, and his eventual return to the family farm. 

We also went into some of his illustrious family...

Jul 10, 2019

Tonight I head down to Pembrokeshire in south west Wales, to talk to the founder of mental health charity, the DPJ Foundation, Emma Picton-Jones.

We talk about her husband Dan, and how his mental health problems, and subsequent suicide in 2016, led her to forming the DPJ Foundation to help others who may be going...

Jul 5, 2019

Hosts Will Evans and FG’s chief reporter Abi Kay were joined for the latest Ploughing Through Brexit podcast by UK Government Farming Minister, Robert Goodwill MP. 

Amongst the things discussed were environmental land management schemes, whether soil health should be considered a public good or not, funding for the...

Jun 26, 2019

Rock & Roll Farming on tour! 

I headed up to Leyburn in North Yorkshire to the 2018 Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers Gold Cup winner Philip Metcalfe's open day (Most impressive dairy farm I've EVER been on) to talk to the man himself, and also had a conversation with Kite Consulting's John Allen, and...